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    Best Dog Breeders In Nuremberg Near You

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    Best Dog Breeders In Nuremberg Near You

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    1. rottweiler von der reuthwiese

    3 reviews
    rottweiler von der reuthwiese

    Address: Sellerieweg 12, 90427 Nürnberg, Germany

    Telephone: +49 911 381640

    Guy: Dog breeder

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    We help you choose dog breeders in Nuremberg

    Are you here looking at dog breeders in Nuremberg?
    Well, you've landed in the right place. is going to be your best guide, as we are the most knowledgeable about this city, a group of close friends who wander the medieval streets of Nuremberg on a daily basis. A city full of fortifications and stone towers that you will fall in love with as you walk through it. Large green areas and the Kaiserburg castle are waiting for you.
    You'll even find 14th-century Gothic architecture such as Frauenkirche, a Gothic church not to be missed, or Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg's central square. An idyllic city, which will take you only a few minutes to fall in love with.
    In you will find dog breeders in and much, much more, as we have thousands of posts dedicated to developing Nuremberg to its fullest - start scrolling through our posts and get all the updates on our favourite German city!